A client is being treated with internal radiation (brachytherapy). The nurse explains to the client that

  1. visitors should wear gown, gloves, and mask when coming in the room.
  2. visitors are not allowed until the client is no longer receiving radiation therapy.
  3. visitors must stay at least 6 feet away from the client.
  4. visitors should not bring any cards or gifts into the room because they can become radioactive.
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: Clients undergoing brachytherapy emit a small amount of radiation. Brachytherapy is an internal radiation treatment that is inserted directly into a tumor and therefore limits exposure to healthy surrounding tissues. Visitors should stay at least 6 feet away and should avoid direct contact with the client, but they need not wear personal protective equipment. Short periods of time with the client are unlikely to be harmful because the sources of radiation used have a short half-life. Items the client uses in the room and the client’s body fluids are not radioactive, and once the implant is removed, the client no longer emits radiation.