A 28-year-old woman pregnant with twins comes in for her prenatal appointment. She tells the nurse that she has two children at home (ages 4 years and 16 months), and she had one abortion 6 years ago when she was 8 weeks along in the pregnancy. The nurse charts

  • gravida 4, para 2.
  • gravida 4, para 3.
  • gravida 5, para 2.
  • gravida 5, para 3.
Number 1 is correct.
Gravida indicates the total number of pregnancies, regardless if the pregnancies were carried to term. The current pregnancy is included in determining gravida . Parity refers to the number of births after 20 weeks of gestation (including viable births, nonviable births, and stillbirths). Multiples such as twins or triplets are counted as one birth.